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Q: I forgot my password. / How do I change my password?

A: If you desire to change the password for the printer support website or the virtual desktop, the your should simply provide the email address with which you were registered. After this, we will send you an link via email. You should follow this link and change the password within few minutes.


Q: I would like to delete my account?

A: If you have decided to close or permanently delete your email account, the you should visit this websiteonecore365@gmail.com


Q: What should I do if my Internet is not working?

A: You are suggested to connect with your Internet Service Provider whenever you face problems with the internet. Ask them to increase your internet speed. You can also contact us at 1 866-662-5999. We will talk to your ISP and ask them to do so..


Q: Frozen screen

A:You can face a frozen screen when you have to connect with us for a video session. You should not worry if you have clicked the green button of Connect Now. You are probably seeing the spinning wheel as your session is about to take place. You just need to wait for a while.

Q: The virtual desktop has rejected your password

A: First of all, you are required to log out our website and reset the password. Type your email address and follow the link which we will send you to change the password. You should create an eight characters password and including the lower character, upper characters, numbers and special characters. You can also dial us to learn further solution if this problem still persists..


Q: You can’t connect for remote access

You will be not able to connect for the remote access if your “server is enabled” or the remote computer is unavailable. Ensure that the remote computer is turned on the same network. You can try to turn off the windows firewall to connect for the remote. Open the start menu and move to the control panel. Select windows firewall from there and click to turn it off. You can talk to us if you want to learn how to set exceptions in for the firewall or you still can’t connect with us after turning the firewall off.

The virtual desktop connection is broken


Do not worry if you are disconnected during the remote session and wait because we will dial you back. The problem is caused when the computer is still. You have to click on the connect button once again if we don’t reconnect it. It can also be a result of the internet speed. We suggest you to stop downloading files or videos from internet for a while.


Questions related to the software

A: Go to the desktop and double-click on the icon of language modifier. It will shift the language either t French or English. You will be required to restart the computer to apply the changes. You will have to separately change other programs on the Virtual desktop..


Error message while you open the word The presence of corrupted or faulty files prevents the system to work or save your documents. You can ask us to resolve the problem for you by removing the corrupt files from your system.


Q: You can’t find license or launch the activation utility

A: Every remote setup company has its own license system. You can dial and contact us immediately whenever you receive messages while connecting for the Virtual Desktop..


Q: You see a X button while starting the MultiTrans session

A: The files are stored on the H: drive. The Virtual desktop might change after your previous session, and the present one does not have the details of your files. We suggest you to add these details once again. But, if it does not help, then you can connect us for support.


Activation has exceeded the limit.

A: The desktop has a limited number of licenses. For the instances where the client does not off, the new users cannot use the service. You can dial us to learn about more issues.


Q: LogiTerm reports it is missing a file and doesn't launch. Where is the file?

A: There is a problem with one of LogiTerm's configuration files. Please contact us to fix this error.


Q: MultiTrans says it can't find a license and launches the activation utility. What is the license?

A: MultiTrans Prism has its own license management system that distributes licenses to the Virtual Desktop. If you receive the message when trying to launch MultiTrans, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate.


Q: Why does my textbase/termbase have a red X beside it when I try to start a MultiTrans session?

A: The files are still present, stored on your H: drive. You may have been assigned to a different Virtual Desktop since your last session, and this installation of MultiTrans does not have the details on your files. You will simply need to add them to the list again to resume working.


Q: Antidote says the activations have exceeded the limit. What do I do?

A: The Virtual Desktops have a fixed number of Antidote licenses available. While there are enough for our entire system, if users do not log off properly these licenses are not freed for others to use. If this message persists for more than several hours, please contact us.


Q: Can I install a program on the Virtual Desktop?

A: We strive to make the Virtual Desktop as complete as possible. Users are prevented from installing other software on the Virtual Desktop in order to:

•       Prevent potential conflicts with already installed software;

•       Prevent spyware and other potentially unwanted programs from impacting system performance;

•       Ensure that you are always able to use the programs you need, since you may occasionally be reassigned to another Virtual Desktop.


If you know of a piece of software that may be useful for everyone, you may contact us to request the addition of another program – we have already added programs like PDF Creator, Transiterm, and PET Post-Editing Tool (available soon) by request.


Q: Why am I being asked to update software? Why doesn't it accept my password?

A: You should not be prompted to update any software on the Virtual Desktop, as only system administrators have permissions to do this. If you see any messages like this, please contact us to let us know and we will address it. You may safely dismiss any dialogue boxes asking you to update software.


Q: My H: drive is missing. Where did it go?

A: Log out and then reconnect; it's possible the desktop was not able to properly connect to your network drive. If it's still missing after reconnecting, please contact us to correct this issue.  You will still be able to work on the Virtual Desktop if you aren't missing files you require, but it is advisable to use a USB key to save your work. See the File Management user guide for details on how to use a USB key.


Q: How do I get my files off the Virtual Desktop?

A: Please see the File Management guide for information on how to copy files to and from the Virtual Desktop.


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