Follow these precautions which feeding the paper:

  • You should firstly ensure that the printer sensors are clear and that the device can easily recognize the paper size.
  • Then, you have to put the paper stack on the paper feeder and push it, until it is appropriately fixed.
  • Move the slide guide flush to close the paper stack.
  • You must also ensure that these papers do not cross the limit, which is marked on the device itself.
  • The plane side of the paper should face towards up.
  • The curled or bent sheets will lead to the paper jam.
  • The paper stack should be completely flat.
  • All the sheets should be clean and dry when you touch them.
  • You must remove further attachments such as the tapes, staples or tags before feeding the paper into the tray.
  • You should ensure these things when you feed the paper into the tray. On the off chance that you have properly feeded the paper and you still face paper jams on your printer then you can connect with us at the Ricoh Printer support number usa 866-662-5999 Toll Free, and request us for support.


    You should never use the paper stack with these problems. The paper should not be stapled, clipped, or torn apart. You must check that the sheets are not curled, folded or creased. The printer will not recognize the sticky or oily papers. You should never use the translucent sheets or coated papers. You will have to configure the settings if you have to use thick sheets such as the postcards etc. You are welcome to call at the Ricoh Printer customer care number whenever you have any kind of confusion. We adhere to listen and resolve your queries.

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